Welcome to all about mission, a website with links to hundreds of articles on faith and mission, with a missiology focus.


It will be of interest to those wanting to learn more about humanitarian relief, development and social action from a faith perspective.   There is something for the practitioner and student from both a secular and faith standpoint.  It will be of particular interest to agencies and groups who are supporting poverty reduction efforts through community action, including:


·             relief and development NGOs;

·             churches; and

·             governments


The aim of the website has been to provide easy access to articles that are free to download - with only a small percentage available as journal extracts through institutional libraries or by purchase, which have been included because of their particular significance and reliability in terms of scholarship and quality of research.


The articles referenced and available here are a personal collection - supplemented by resources from the Micah Network and the Religions and Development Research Programme - and reflect just a part of a wealth of publications on this subject.  The collation of the articles has been supported by Tearfund and builds upon research undertaken at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.


Alan Robinson

Research Associate, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

First published June 2012.  Last update 15 June 2012



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